Clean Energy Technology Accelerator

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If your organization is a start-up, federal lab, research university or "spin-out", and is working on innovative renewable-energy technologies, we are interested in hearing from you.

Our areas of focus include:

    => Energy efficiency
    => High-density energy storage
    => Smart-grid
    => Distributed generation
    => Low / no-carbon energy production

If you feel you have a world-beating energy solution in the areas shown above, please review NXergy's criteria. If you and your solution closely match these criteria, we would be interested in hearing about it. Please send a 2-page executive summary as to why you should be considered. (We will assume that any information you send is not proprietary.)

If you are an inventor, please recognize that you may not be a "fit" with NXergy's investment profile. In this case, you may want to check out the New Energy Congress for ideas on how to get your invention to market. You may also want to consider The Entrepreneur's Survival Guide to help you get "investor-ready".